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Pest Control Buckinghamshire

Have you found mottled-brown coloured insects in your home? Have you discovered hairy maggots in your carpets or furniture? It is probably a good idea to get that looked at by a professional as you may have a pest infestation, specifically carpet beetles. With TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, you know that you are getting one of the premier pest control services in the Buckinghamshire area. Give us a call now on: 0800 051 8604 and we will get that pest problem sorted out.

Welcome to TDC Pest Control, we have earned a reputation in and around Buckinghamshire as a professional, discreet and reliable pest control service. Our pest controllers are experts in the pest control trade and have a wealth of knowledge to call upon, during the course of their pest management duties.

Can you smell urine in your kitchen? Have you discovered eaten through cereal boxes? Are there rice sized droppings on your counter tops or in your kitchen cupboards? It looks like you could have a mouse infestation. Mice can have up to five or six pups every 3-4 weeks, as you can imagine this can quickly turn into a large population within your home. Get the professionals in to resolve the issue. Here at TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, we are discreet, reliable and efficient. Call us now on: 0800 051 8604.

At TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, we specialise in all things pest related, our controllers are excellent at identifying all common UK pests, most uncommon pests and quite a few foreign ones. You can trust us to know, what we are dealing with and the best way to solve the problem. Some of the most common pests in the UK are:

Although there are a few more that may be harder to identify for example:

However, there could be something you have never seen, or are having trouble identifying. Here at TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, we have seen all kinds of pests. So even if you do not know what you are sharing your house with, the good news is that we will have seen something similar before. Though, if you need advice then feel free to give us a call on: 0800 051 8604 any time day or night.

Do you hear bumps in the night? Have you found gnawed electrical cables? It may be worth getting a professional in to investigate as you may have a rat control issue that needs attention. At TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire we are always available to take your call, 24 hours* a day, 7 days* a week*, 365 days* a year, and in emergency situations we can be with you in 30-90* minutes.

Here at TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, we use only the very best, local pest controllers. All our pest controllers are DBS police checked, as all of us at TDC Pest Control, take our customers security very seriously.

At TDC Pest Control in Buckinghamshire, we are experts in resolving a whole host of pest issues including but not restricted to: bed bugs, 24 hour pest control, bee extermination, bee infestations, bees nests, bees removal, bees nest removal, commercial pest control, domestic pest control, fumigation services, hornet nest removal, humane mouse control, rats in attic, rat prevention and all kinds of pest solutions.

To get your pest issue resolved please call TDC Pest Control today on: 0800 051 8604 and we will help you to sort it out.

Are wasps useful in any way?

It is an excepted part of the British summer that wasps will make a nuisance of themselves, in your home, in your garden, when you go out for the day and eating outside or picnics. Summer wouldn’t be summer without a few wasp dancing about. However, they do have a function in the British garden, wasps and hornets are hunters, and spend time catching smaller flies and dead insects to feed to their young, as well as collecting nectar from local flowers. Similar to bees, wasps help plants to pollinate as they go about their business.

Wasps, Bees and swarming

It is a recognised fact that wasps don’t swarm; well that is partially true in that they don’t swarm in the same way or for the same reason as bees do.

Why do Bees Swarm?

When a new queen bee leaves the original nest a contingent of worker bees will go with her. The worker bees surround the Queen to protect her. As the queen has spent her life not doing much she is not as strong a flyer as the worker bees and therefore needs to stop and rest frequently. The queen will also be on the hunt for a new home and my try several different spots before finally deciding where to rest permanently. This could be a reason for spotting a swarm of bees in an odd area like the branch of a tree or atop a fence post.

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