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TDC Pest Control Essex

Do you hear loud noises day and night? Do any of your electrical wires look gnawed or chewed? Then TDC Pest Control are the ones to call, you could have a squirrel infestation. TDC Pest Control, are well established as one of the best pest control company’s in Essex. Operating throughout Essex, TDC Pest Control are experts in handling all kinds of pests. At TDC Pest Control, their expert team of fully qualified, locally based, pest controllers have a wealth of experience to draw on when dealing with the pests of Essex.

Have you discovered a strong smell of urine throughout your home? Do you have gnawed through cereal boxes? Then call TDC Pest Control now, you could have a mice problem. TDC Pest Control, operate all day*, every day*, day and night. If you have a pest issue that needs emergency care then call our hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year*, and we can be to you in 30-90 minutes*. Have you found droppings on your shop floor? Have you seen rodents running amuck? Then call TDC Pest Control and we can get your rodent dilemma sorted.

At TDC Pest Control, we are experienced in all types of Pest management, including but not restricted to: bed bug pest control, bees nest removal, humane mouse control, bug exterminator, rat prevention, wasp control, bird control and hornet nest removal.

Throughout Essex TDC Pest Control, have a team of qualified pest experts with a wealth of experience in the removal of all kinds of pests including rats, mice, ants, flies, fleas, wasps, bees and bed bugs. We provide a 24 hour emergency* hotline for our customers to ensure your pest problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently. In fact, one of our pest control experts could be at your door within 90 minutes*.

Available 24/7*

Our emergency hotline operates 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week* so that your pest problem is resolved as soon as possible. One of our experienced pest technicians will arrive at your property within 90 minutes* of your call to tackle all kinds of pest infestations such as mice, wasps, rats, bed bugs and many more. There is no call out fee, just our low fixed charges, so you can rest easy knowing your pest problem will not cost the earth. Call us now on: 0800 051 8604

Are Squirrels Pests?

There are two types of squirrels found in Great Britain; the native red squirrel and the grey squirrel. The red squirrel's numbers have declined over the past century, a direct result of the introduction of the grey squirrel into the UK in the 1970’s. It is now protected by UK law. It is a criminal offence to kill or injure one.

The grey squirrel, however, is considered a pest. It is far more accustomed to people and more likely to invade your home, usually via the attic, and likely to do untold damage. Grey squirrel numbers in UK towns and cities are on the rise. However the public should be aware that it is against the law to release a squirrel back into the wild as it is possible that you could change the local eco system.

Rat Prevention

Rats are attracted to your property by two things, food (rodents are omnivores, so will eat anything) and shelter. Rats, enter your home looking to find, somewhere that is warm, sheltered, with a steady food and water supply. By restricting access to these fundamental necessities, you will reduce the likelihood of a rodent problem.

Have you seen the Black Squirrel?

Helen McRobie, a lecturer at Anglian Ruskin University in Cambridge, is leading an appeal in Essex and Hertfordshire, to find the elusive Black Squirrel. The North American natives, which scientists believe are a mutated relation to the common Grey Squirrel, were first spotted in England as early as 1912 and their number have risen steadily ever since.

Ms McRobie is appealing to the British public to register any sighting of the Black squirrel by going to the study’s webpage: www.blacksquirrelproject.org. The aim of this project is to verify the geographical area now populated by the Black Squirrel in the British Isles

Black Squirrels are Grey Squirrels that pass on a mutated gene that only allows the growth of Black hair rather than; black, white and red. This mutation also has the ability to make the Black Squirrels more aggressive than the Grey Squirrels and less susceptible to disease. The Black Squirrel does seem to be slowly spreading across the country, taking over habitats usually inhabited by the grey squirrels. Like the Grey Squirrels, the Black Squirrels are considered pests in this country.

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