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Have you noticed holes in your clothing? Do you have carpets that are now tattered? Then it’s time to call TDC Pest Control, being one of the top pest control companies in Norfolk, they will resolve your pest problem in no time.

TDC Pest Control, have been established in Norfolk for over ten years, and during that time have developed a reputation for excellence in pest control management. TDC Pest Control use locally based Norfolk pest controllers, to cover Great Yarmouth and in and around the Norfolk postcode, ensuring that there is always an available qualified pest controller to resolve your pest problem.

Every member of the TDC Pest Control team, is fully certified and highly skilled in all methods of fumigation, poison and insecticide handling as well as extermination. If you have a pest problem that needs a professional, then call TDC Pest Control now on: 01493688175

Providing a high quality service at competitive rates, we are available via our dedicated hotline day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year*. We understand that when an infestation takes hold in your home, it can be unbearable. That is why if you have an emergency pest crisis, our experienced controllers can be with you within 30-90* minutes.

TDC Pest Control specialise in all types of pest management, some of which include:

*Where possible.

What are bed bugs and what do they do?

Bed bugs are small, oval parasites that feed on human blood. Bed bugs live around the seams of mattresses and headboards. The reddish-brown pest measures at around 5mm in length and can leave bites all over the body, in which can cause great irritation, escalating when scratched. These pests can also live in small, dark spaces; this includes the back of furniture, a chest of drawers and even a crack in the wall.

TDC Pest Fact: In addition to being found in beds, bed bugs can also be found in carpets, under wallpaper, behind baseboards, and in small cracks and crevices throughout a room.

How can bed bugs be treated?

It is advised that bed bugs are to be treated by a professional pest control engineer. This is because vacuuming alone will not remove the pests. Initially, a pest control engineer will assess the severity of the bed bug infestation, noting the areas in the household or commercial property that will need to be treated. After this, a water-based insecticide spray will be used to eradicate the infestation, bed bugs can contaminate an entire property so it is important that as much of the area possible is treated.

When is the best time to treat bed bugs?

Ideally, a bed bug infestation should be treated in the morning. This is because it is more likely that the insecticide will settle, as well as minimising any risk of inhalation of the spray.

What are Moths and what do they do?

Moths are butterfly-like insects which vary in colour and size. Small, dark headed maggot-like larvae may also be seen. Often feeding on fine, natural textiles such as cashmere and silk, moths have extremely good taste in quality materials and can ruin clothing if left untreated.

There are commonly two types of moth that may require pest control treatment:

Clothes Moths – Clothes moths infest clothing and moths. They most frequently occur in knitwear such as wool, cashmere or angora, as well as other natural fabrics such as silk and leather garments. Clothes moths hold three different forms, from their tiny 5mm eggs, to the moth larvae growing as they develop. Once adult form, clothes moths are usually around 1.5mm long.

Cereal Moths – Cereal moths infest cereals and cereal-based products. These pests can be present but often go unnoticed until they become abundant. These moths can be present in dry foods such as flour, cereals, grains, pasta and nuts.

How can I tell if I have a Moth problem?

One of the most effective ways of identifying if you have a moth problem would be to check your wardrobe for moth infestations. Signs of infestation include:

How can moths be treated?

Moth infestations are treated by a fully certified pest controller from using a water based insecticide in which is fogged throughout the infected area. Any cereal-based products must be disposed of and any fabric or materials should be washed at the hottest possible temperature.

TDC Tips on preventing a moth infestation

There are many easy and effective solutions to prevent moths from infesting your wardrobe, including:

Cleaning out your wardrobe regularly – This includes both your wardrobe itself and your clothing. Firstly, it is recommended that all clothing is removed from your wardrobe, throwing out clothing that is old and unworn. This stops moths being attracted to the dust and dirt normally found on older, vintage items for example. After this, you will need to make sure your wardrobe itself is clean and dust-free.

Using scents in your home – There are a few scents in particular in which can deter moths from infestation. Lavender has been found to be a popular and effective budget friendly method of deterring moth infestation. Similar to moth balls, lavender bags can be easily stored with clothing in your wardrobe, with the natural aromas acting as a repellent to moths. Conkers can also be an effective method. It is said that the brown skins on conkers contain a specific compound named triterpenoid saponin that warns off the pests.

If you have a bed bug infestation or you are experiencing a moth problem, please call TDC Pest Control today on 01493688175 for your pest problem to be eradicated quickly and efficiently.

24/7* Reactive Service

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