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Have you noticed damage to your property or mounds of earth in your garden? Or are you experiencing a cockroach infestation? Then it’s time to call TDC Pest Control, as one of the best pest control companies in Norfolk, they will resolve your pest problem quickly and effectively.

TDC Pest Control, have been established in Norfolk for over ten years, and during that time have developed a reputation for excellence in pest control management. TDC Pest Control use locally based Norfolk pest controllers, to cover Hellesdon and in and around the Norfolk postcode.

Every member of the TDC Pest Control team, is fully certified and highly skilled in all methods of fumigation, poison and insecticide handling as well as extermination. If you have a pest problem that needs a professional, then call TDC Pest Control now on: 01603603631

Providing a high quality service at competitive rates, we are available via our dedicated hotline day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year*. We understand that when an infestation takes hold in your home, it can be unbearable. That is why if you have an emergency pest crisis, our experienced controllers can be with you within 30-90* minutes.

TDC Pest Control specialise in all types of pest management, some of which include:

*Where possible.

What are moles and what do they do?

Moles are burrowing mammals measuring at approximately 12-15cm in length, with a dark, brown-black fur covered body. These mammals are virtually blind and live underground, manoeuvring through and creating a network of tunnels. Consequently, they are known to leave mounds of earth on the surface, although are mainly considered as a pest if they cause damage to the property itself.

How can I tell if I have a mole problem?

One of the most effective ways of identifying if you have a mole problem can include checking your soil and lawn for their tunnels as they should appear as raised swellings; moles prefer moist soil and are generally most active in the spring or autumn. Another way to confirm that you have a mole that should be treated by a professional pest controller includes checking your soil for the presence of other pests, such as an oversupply of bugs. This is because moles generally make themselves at home in a garden to the extent of plants being an easy access for other pests.

There are two ways of treating moles, including:

Gas – Toxic gas is released from a canister into the mole hill, in which the mole will inhale. This method is not always the most effective as the gas may escape through the earth or even evaporate before it is inhaled.

Guillotine trap – A tube-like device is inserted into the mole hill and is released as the mole passes through, resulting in the mole being asphyxiated or decapitated.

If I have more than one mole hill does this mean I have more than one mole?

Not necessarily, the number of mole hills does not reflect on the number of moles. It is likely that if you have a small garden, only one mole has caused the damage.


There are two types of cockroaches treated by our pest controllers:

German cockroaches are light brown in colour with a wing base, and are approximately 1.5cm in length. These types of cockroaches are usually found in warm, moist environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Oriental cockroaches are smooth with a black coloured body. They have no wing base and measure at approximately 2.5cm. Oriental cockroaches are often found in terraced housing, infecting entire blocks of properties as the move throughout the beams and rafters.

How can cockroaches be treated?

Cockroach infestations are treated with a water-based insecticide. The treatment is sprayed around the infected area by the pest controller, and a sticky paste may be applied into drinking straws around the area. Cockroaches ingest the bait and consequently, begin to die. However, the bodies should not be removed from the site immediately, as the remaining cockroaches will feed on the dead bodies and ingest the poison as a result. After this, an insect detector device will then be used to determine whether any infestation remains. If no activity is recorded by the detector, any remaining dead bodies can then be removed and disposed of.

Bees and Wasps

What are the differences between bees and wasps?

Bees – Masonry bees are the main pest subject to pest control, due to their ability to create cavities and potentially cause structural damage such as drilling holes in walls. The preferred method of dealing with the bees is via the Bee Keeping Association.

Wasps – Wasps infest during the warmer months of the year. Measuring at approximately 2cm in length, with smooth, black and yellow striped bodies. Wasps tend to build nests in dark and dry corners, forming colonies and causing a nuisance in your home.

TDC Pest Fact: A queen bee can lay her weight in eggs each day, laying 1 per minute, all day and all night, for a total of 1,500 eggs in 24 hours, and 200,000 in a year.

Why is it necessary to wait at least 24 hours after discovering a bees or wasps nest to have it treated?

It is normally suggested that the customer should wait at least 24 hours before contacting a pest controller about a bees or wasps nest as generally they tend to move on during this time period. If they are still prominent after 24 hours, then it is suggested that the customer contacts the British Bee Keeping Association first, and then a pest controller after this.

If you have a pest problem that you would like to be resolved quickly and efficiently by a pest control expert, please call TDC Pest Control today on 01603603631.

24/7* Reactive Service

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