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TDC Pest Control St Austell

Are you experiencing numerous irritating bites that worsen when they are scratched? Or have you noticed a strong smell of urine around your property? Then call TDC Pest Control today. With over ten years experience in pest control management, TDC Pest Control have developed a reputation for excellence and professionalism. Whether you have an infestation in your home or commercial property, our locally based Cornwall pest controllers cover St Austell and throughout the Cornwall postcode. Our fully qualified pest controllers will ensure your pest problem is resolved quickly and efficiently, all whilst being safe and discreet.

Every member of the TDC Pest Control, controller team, is fully certified and highly skilled in all methods of fumigation, poison and insecticide handling as well as extermination. If you have a pest problem that needs a professional, then call TDC Pest Control today on: 01208479172

TDC Pest Control have a dedicated hotline for any pest related problem. Our fully trained and knowledgeable operator team are available to help resolve your pest dilemma any time, 24 hours a day*, 365 days* a year. If you have an emergency pest problem, our experienced pest controllers can be with you within just 30-90* minutes.

TDC Pest Control specialise in all types of pest management, including, but not restricted by:

  • Cluster fly control
  • Bed bug extermination
  • Ant pest control
  • Moth infestation
  • Beetle treatment
  • Rodent control
  • Flea fumigation

If you suspect you may have an infestation in your property, we can help. We have included some helpful tips and information about just some of the pests our expert controllers treat, and how to recognise the signs of an infestation.

Rodents: How to identify an infestation

Whether you’re worried about mice infesting your home, or you own a commercial property and suspect you may be experiencing a problem with rats, the thought of these rodents in your property can be unbearable. However, this problem can easily be resolved by TDC Pest Control. There are a few ways to confirm if you have rats or mice lurking in your premises, including:

  • Shredded papers and materials
  • Smear marks on any skirting boards
  • A strong smell of urine in various areas of your property
  • Noises at night, as rats and mice are nocturnal

Rodent control & treatment

Numerous techniques can be used to treat both rat and mice infestations, however this can be dependent on the following:

  • The size or extent of the infestation
  • The environment in which the rodents are inhabiting
  • Domestic circumstances, such as children or domestic pets on site

It will take two visits from a pest controller to treat an infestation. The controller will need to attend the premises to assess the work that will be required, trapping squirrels or, in the case of rats of mice, using bait or sticky boards. Our controllers will give advice on preventing any further infestation, making sure that your pest problem is a thing of the past. On the second visit, our pest controllers will remove any baits, boards or traps used, as well as any remaining dead bodies.

TDC Pest Fact: Rats contaminate and destroy enough food worldwide each year to feed 200 million people.

Bed bugs: Identifying & treating an infestation

Bed bugs are small, oval parasites that feed on human blood. Aptly named, bed bugs live around the seams of mattresses and headboards. The reddish-brown insect measures at around 5mm in length and can leave bites all over the body, in which can cause great irritation, escalating when scratched.

5 Signs you may have a bed bug problem:

Bites – If you are regularly finding yourself covered with small, red marks and they swell or itch when scratched, it is likely you have a bed bug infestation, as these pests feed on sleeping humans.

Checking your mattress and headboard – It is important to check your mattress, headboard and bed frames thoroughly for signs of both the small, black bugs and their eggs. Bed bugs often leave behind small, black traces in which can be identified as faeces, or sometimes rust-coloured stains are left on mattress tags and seams.

Sweet odours – When there is a large colony of bed bugs, they will tend to emit a sickly sweet almond smell. Bed bugs produce these chemicals in which help them to communicate, thus leaving an odour. It is important to note however, that not everyone will be able to notice the smell.

Eggs and exoskeletons – Bed bugs have an outer shell that they shed and leave behind. There can also be eggs present in which female bed bugs lay in small crevices. These appear to be white and oval shaped, and can be difficult to spot.

Black marks – If you have noticed the appearance of black marks and dirt on skirting boards, flooring, walls, and around the seams of mattresses and headboards in your property, this is a sure sign that you may have a bed bug infestation that needs the attention of an expert pest controller.

Treating a bed bug problem

Bed bugs can easily be treated by a fully certified pest controller. Vacuuming alone will not remove the pests, and bed bugs can contaminate an entire property so it is important that as much of the area as possible is treated. A TDC Pest Controller will be able to assess the severity of the infestation, only after this will a water-based insecticide spray be used effectively to eradicate the pests.

If you are worried you have a bed bug problem that needs the attention of an expert pest controller, Call TDC Pest Control today on 01208479172 for your pest problem to be solved safely and efficiently.

24/7* Reactive Service

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