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Have you noticed damage to your carpets? Or are you experiencing irritable bites that swell or itch when scratched? Then it’s time to call TDC Pest Control, being one of the top pest control companies in Norfolk, they will resolve your pest problem quickly and efficiently.

TDC Pest Control, have been established in Norfolk for over ten years, and during that time have developed a reputation for excellence in pest control management. TDC Pest Control use locally based Norfolk pest controllers, to cover Swaffham and in and around the Norfolk postcode, ensuring that there is always an available qualified pest controller to resolve your pest problem.

Every member of the TDC Pest Control team, is fully certified and highly skilled in all methods of fumigation, poison and insecticide handling as well as extermination. If you have a pest problem that needs a professional, then call TDC Pest Control now on: 01328779099

Providing a high quality service at competitive rates, we are available via our dedicated hotline day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year*. We understand that when an infestation takes hold in your home, it can be unbearable. That is why if you have an emergency pest crisis, our experienced controllers can be with you within 30-90* minutes.

TDC Pest Control specialise in all types of pest management, some of which include:

*Where possible.

What are carpet beetles and what do they do?

The carpet beetle consists of two life forms in which are both subject to pest control, the adult beetle and the larvae. They are both a major pest of textiles, living within the felt of the carpet, often eating back into the underlay.

Adult carpet beetles have small, round bodies that are approximately 2-4mm in size with a brown, mottled colour. Adults generally seek egg-laying sites and are often seen in spring.

The larvae (also known as the Woolly Bear), is 4-5mm in length with a striped hair-covered body, often rolling up into a ball when disturbed. As they grow, they malt, leaving old cast-off skins behind.

How can a carpet beetle infestation be treated?

Carpet beetles can be treated quickly and efficiently by a qualified pest controller, by using a water-based insecticide to fog throughout the infected area. The carpet should ideally be removed and disposed of, this is because by keeping infested garments, the risk of being unable to stop the infestation is significantly increased. Only after this should the floor be treated. Once this has settled a new carpet can then be laid.

What are bed bugs and what do they do?

Bed bugs are small, oval parasites that feed on human blood. Bed bugs live around the seams of mattresses and headboards. The reddish-brown pest measures at around 5mm in length and can leave bites all over the body, in which can cause great irritation, escalating when scratched. These pests can also live in small, dark spaces; this includes the back of furniture, a chest of drawers and even a crack in the wall.

Three signs you may have a bed bug infestation

1.Bites. Are you regularly finding yourself covered with small, red marks? If they swell or itch when scratched, and resemble a small row (as opposed to bites in numerous places), it is likely you have a bed bug infestation, as bed bugs feed on sedentary humans.

2.Checking your mattress and headboard. It is important to check your mattress thoroughly for signs of both the small, black bugs and their eggs. Equally, there could be signs of bed bugs on both your headboard and bed frames. Bed bugs often leave behind small, black traces that can be identified as faeces.

  1. Sweet odours. When there is a colony of bed bugs, they will tend to emit a sickly sweet almond smell, chemicals which help the bed bugs to communicate. It is important to note however, that not everyone will be able to notice the smell.

When is the best time to treat bed bugs?

Ideally, a bed bug infestation should be treated in the morning. This is because it is more likely that the insecticide will settle, as well as minimising any risk of inhalation of the spray.

TDC Pest Fact: Bed bugs can go without feeding for 20 to 400 days, depending on temperature and humidity.

How long will the premises need to be vacated for after treatment?

It is important that the treated premises is vacated for at least four hours after the treatment. This is because bed bugs can contaminate an entire property, therefore it is important that as much of the area as possible is treated.

The types of cockroaches that are subject to pest control and what they do

There are two types of cockroaches treated by our pest controllers:

German cockroaches are light brown in colour with a wing base, and are approximately 1.5cm in length. These types of cockroaches are usually found in warm, moist environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Oriental cockroaches are smooth with a black coloured body. They have no wing base and measure at approximately 2.5cm. Oriental cockroaches are often found in terraced housing, infecting entire blocks of properties as the move throughout the beams and rafters.

Do cockroaches bite?

Cockroaches are not likely to bite humans, except in extreme cases of infestation where the population of cockroaches are large and food becomes limited. The main reason is because cockroaches are omnivores, this means that they will eat just about anything. If a cockroach does bite, they are more likely to bite the feet, hands, fingernails and eyelashes.

If you have a cockroach infestation or you are suffering from a bed bug problem, please call TDC Pest Control today on 01328779099 for your pest problem to be eradicated quickly and efficiently.

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