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TDC Pest Control in Gloucestershire

Have you found a ball of flies in your home? Is there a strong sickly sweet aroma in your house? Then it could be time to call in TDC Pest Control, the professional pest controllers, as you may have a cluster fly infestation.

Welcome to TDC Pest Control, one of the best companies when it comes to pest control management. TDC Pest Control, use the best, certified, pest controllers available in the Gloucestershire area.

Cluster Flies

Towards the end of summer Cluster flies can be seen acting in a clumsy, drunken fashion, flying at windows or hovering near the ceiling. The Cluster fly has gained it’s a name due to the fact that the flies gather together in a ball shaped cluster in order to keep warm during the winter’s hibernation.

Cluster fly detection
  • Cluster flies emit a sweet sickly odour that transmits to other cluster flies telling them their friends have found somewhere good to settle
  • Spotting clumsy drunken flies
  • A cluster fly ball is relatively easy to detect, but they often frequent

Have you noticed more than the usual amount of bees around your home? Have you discovered a wasp’s nest in your loft or attic? Then call TDC Pest Control, the best pest control in the Gloucestershire area. TDC Pest Control engineers are fully qualified in all areas of pest control, certified to use all the equipment, pesticides, poisons and fumigation methods and techniques including: bee nest, 24 hour pest control, bird pest control, fumigation services, hornet nest removal, humane mouse control, flea pest control, wasp nest removal, wasp fumigation and rat catchers.

Have you heard loud noises at night coming from your loft or attic? Can you smell a strong urine aroma? Then call TDC Pest Control, the best pest controllers in Gloucestershire, because you could have a rodent problem.


If you have been infested with mice you may notice loud noises at night, coming from your loft or attic where the rodents are busy moving around nocturnally.

Mice tends to nest inside during the colder months when they find shelter and food harder to come by naturally. Mice continuously urinate and so as they crawl through your home looking for food they will leave behind a very strong smell of urine in their wake. Therefore, any food they have managed to find, like cereal, will also be contaminated. The best way to prevent mouse inhabitation is to keep food stored in an airtight container that the mice cannot access.

  • Mice will contaminate all areas they are exposed to
  • Mice will cause loud noises at night
  • Mice will gnaw through cereal and other cardboard food containers

At TDC Pest Control, we resolve a huge number of Rodent related problems every week. Our professional, efficient and hardworking pest controllers are trained to resolve all kinds of rodent issues including but not restricted to: mice infestation, humane mice control, mice extermination, mouse removal, rat extermination, control rat infestations, all rat problems, rodent exterminator, humane rat control and all types of squirrel pest management.

Customer satisfaction is very important to the TDC Pest Control team, and part of that process is making sure our engineers use discretion when administering pest control systems wherever possible. Our engineers are fully trained in all approaches to pest control, certified in using all fumigation appliances and poisons.

At TDC Pest Control, we understand that when a pest problem is discovered it can be unsettling and that you may wish to have it dealt with as quickly as possible. One of the TDC Pest Control adviser team, will be available to take your call on: 080009208523, 24* hours a day, 7* days a week, 365* day a year. Give us a call today and let’s get that pest problem sorted.

Hint or tip

The British Pest Control Society have assessed the amount of pest control related call outs Gloucestershire County Council have to deal with every year. This works out to be 501,595 in 2013-2014, down 4% on the previous year. The British Pest Control Society, are concerned that less County Council money is being put into the control of local pests. The society believes that this could cause a boost to the number of pests in the area.

TDC Pest Control, are specialists in all types of pest management including: bed bug pest control, getting rid of wasps nests, remove bees, mouse control, bug fumigation, domestic pest control, bee swarm removal, pest extermination, hornets nests, bird pest control and rat catchers. Each one of our qualified, highly skilled controllers are ready to go at a moment’s notice and can be with you in 30-90 minutes in an emergency situation. So if you are having a pest crisis, then TDC Pest Control are the best pest controllers to use. Call Now on: 080009208523.

The TDC Pest Control team, are here, ready and waiting for your call 24* hours a day, 7* days a week, 365* days a year. Call us today: 080009208523.

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